WECON 2019 | Speaker Line-up & Program

WECON 2019 is proud to announce this years program and speaker line-up of the first international Wearable Conference in the region of lake constance. 

International experts from industry and research present the latest trends, visions and innovative technologies concerning wearable technologies, including electronics, sensor technology, energy harvesting, smart devices, digital interfaces, etc.

Top speakers of international industrial companies and research institutes  (for example Rebecca Johnson/Siemens; Andreas Gall/Redbull Media House, Helmut Holzer/Atomic Austria GmbH) provide insights into applications, chances and challenges of wearable technologies.

Latest Trends & Applications

Amongst others Dr. Viktor Bader (Group Innovation/ Volkswagen AG) and Jonas Svanholm (Director Xlab &Thought leaders/Scania Group) present their latest achievements and applications in the filed of wearable technologies. Excitement is real as in their lecutre these applications will be presented for the first time ever. 


In this field of application wearable technologies open lots of new possibilities. Well-known experts, as  Andreas Berlinger (A1 Telekom GmbH), talk about the application of Wearables in the e-sports and e-gaming setting. Beside interesting speeches we offer a publicly available E-SPORTS & E-GAMING AREA where the latest trends can be tested. The startup CYBERSHOES  from Austria and WAG (West-Austria-Gaming) provide test stations for that purpose.

Dr. Viktor Bader
Volkswagen AG

Jonas Svanholm
Scania Group

Michael Bieglmayer

Andreas Berlinger
A1 Telekom Austria 



Günter Grabher

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