Different applications of wearable technologies!

Today, wearable technologies can be found in a wide variety of industries and areas. They enable a wide range of cross-departmental evaluations, integrations and application possibilities. Especially in the textile industry, but also in sports, fitness and health as well as in the media industry, the combination of sensor technology and electronics results in new innovative solutions and possibilities!

Sensors & Biodata

Sensors, biodata and innovative audiotechnologies bring in new revolutionary approaches in media industry and create an emotional approach to inspire the audience.  About these new possibilities, Andreas Gall (Chief Innovation Officer, Red Bull Media House) will talk in his presentation at WECON 2019. 

In sports reporting there appear as well new approaches. Jürgen Horak (NTT Austria) tells us about the new fan experience at the Tour-de-France, which is possible through the combination of sensors, data and machine learning. 

Applications in Sports & Fitness allow to combine sensors and biometric data and gain new perspectives. DI Elisabeth Häusler (Salzburg Research / Digital Motion) gives insights into approaches in the sports industry, especially about motion intelligence.  

Textiles & Electronics

The combination of textile materials with electronics and sensor technology results in many innovative applications. For example, biometric data can be easily measured and processed, and various aspects such as health, technical, etc. can be taken into account.

How electronics can be integrated is explained by Franz Padinger (SCIO Technology). Another exciting application will be presented by Andreas Breitfeld (KTC LAB). In his lecture “Protection 2:0 – Smart Textiles on the tracks of Ironman” she will present an innovative approach in the field of Smart Textiles.



Andreas Gall
Red Bull Media House

DI Elisabeth Häusler
Salzburg Research

Jürgen Horak
NTT Austria

Andreas Breitfeld

DI Josef Seibl



Günter Grabher    

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