Discover Austria’s most western state, Vorarlberg. Get to know its beautiful landscape and its strong economy.


Vorarlberg is the most western federal state of Austria and borders Switzerland, Germany, Liechtenstein and Tyrol. The region is situated between three of the world’s most livable cities: Zurich, Munich and Vienna. Due to its unique geographical situation Vorarlberg looks back on long tradition of immigration and commuting. Therefore people are open-minded and the economy is internationally oriented.

Besides its strong economy, culture and architecture scene, Vorarlberg convinces with great places to recover and relax. The variety of Vorarlberg’s landscape accelerates rapid and fulfilling recreation. Mountains, lakes, adventures are waiting just outside the door.


In Bregenz, locals and visitors alike enjoy the interplay of contrasts: On one side Lake Constance, on the other side the mountains.The small city with 28,000 inhabitants offers its guests the best views and activities at different stages: cycling, hiking, bathing, a boat trip, a shopping stroll, concerts, museums, galleries, etc. 

The Festspielhaus in Bregenz with the famous lake stage is not only an eye-catcher for the guests of the Bregenz Festival. Directly near Lake Constance you will find a multiple award-winning and Europe-wide leading service provider for high-quality events. Together with the average of around 200,000 visitors to the Bregenz Festival, around 400,000 international guests flock to the event centre located directly near Lake Constance every year.


In 1954, 65 percent of all textile machines in Austria were situated in Vorarlberg. Until the 70s Vorarlberg had been one of the leading textile manufacturing hotspots in Europe, and until today Vorarlberg is the 4th biggest embroidery area in the world.

Over the years the textile industry in Vorarlberg has reinvented itself and offers today high-quality products as for example functional wear out of natural fiber, technical textiles for automobile lightweight constructions or embroidery sensors.


A high number of international corporations are founded and settled in Vorarlberg, appreciating the local suppliers, the outstanding service niveau, the professional work force and the efficient government structures.


Vorarlberg is more industrialized than comparable regions and more diversified when it comes to branches. Therefore its economy is resistant to crises and offers versatile jobs at innovative companies.

Photos © Vorarlberg Tourismus, Dietmar Walser; Vorarlberg Tourismus, packyourthingsandtravel; Bruno Klomfar; Bregenz Stadtmarketing; Weissengruber + Partner


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